Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pension Fund backlog: CCISUA President says "long way from mission accomplished." 14 April 2016

CCISUA President Ian Richards' posted this response to the Department of Management's iSeek message dated 14 April 2016 titled 'Backlog in payments in pension benefits is being eliminated':

"Given that around 1,000 new cases arrive each month as people continue to retire, the net drop in the backlog, using the figures in the article is 241 cases (1,241-1,000). With a 3,400 backlog reported above (although fund staff say the backlog is significantly more as not all cases have been logged in), we are looking at a net reduction in the backlog of 7.1 percent in the month of March. This falls far short of the 35 percent target. It will take 14 months to clear the backlog on current trends. The Pension Fund is a long way from being able to claim "mission accomplished."
NOTE: Photo not on iSeek.

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