Wednesday, February 20, 2019

"Our Work to Promote Integrity at the Pension Fund and Make Our Pensions Safer", 20 February 2019


Quote: "The General Assembly agreed a landmark resolution .....but the Board is pushing back....We wrote to the Secretary-General) outlining the importance of the resolution and asking for his support in persuading his six representatives on the Board to uphold it...."

Note: Pay careful attention to the UN Participant Representatives' letter to the Secretary-General dated 24 January 2019, linked in their message.

"From: BROADCAST United Nations
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4:55:45 PM

Subject: Message from your participant representatives: How we are promoting integrity at the Pension Fund and making our pensions safer
|Promouvoir l’intégrité de la Caisse des Pensions et assurer la sécurité de nos pensions
Our work to promote integrity at the Pension Fund and make our pensions safer
Dear UN Colleagues,
We would like to update you on big changes at the Pension Fund, and what we are doing as your representatives on the UN Pension Board (which plays a vital role in governing your Fund) and Staff Pension Committee, to make your pensions safer and promote integrity in how the Fund is governed.
The General Assembly agreed a landmark resolution...
We are pleased that last December the General Assembly agreed a landmark resolution to fix problems at the Fund. (More on the resolution is in the box at the end of our message.)
In summary it allows a fairer representation for UN staff and retirees around the world on the Pension Board (as they have a strong interest in safeguarding the Fund), encourages decisions that need to be taken in between Board sessions to be done legally through the mechanism of the Standing Committee (reversing current practice), requests measures to prevent conflicts of interest between the Board, management and the FAFICS retiree federation, calls for integrity at the Fund (which is indicative) and requires better management of costs.