Friday, June 17, 2016

Pension Fund: questions about status of revised MOU, and CCISUA'S recommendations to the Secretary-General,

Leaked HR memo to the CEO: The first paragraph of the UN Staff Union President's broadcast (below) addresses the issue of the leaked UN HR memo to Fund CEO ostensibly dated May 2015 delegating full SG authority to the CEO over staff management in the Fund.These powers, for which the CEO has been lobbying hard, are contained in a revised Memorandum of Understanding that was the subject of two petitions to the Secretary-General in 2014 and 2015, signed by a total of 16,000 Fund participants and beneficiaries.

On 10 July 2015 the USG DM stated that he had placed the revised MOU on hold pending "further efforts and dialogue with concerned parties in order to ensure a clear understanding on the initiative before finalizing the revised MOU.pending consultations."

The Staff Union President confirms in her broadcast "that the memo is actually dated May 2016, not 2015. So our Administration was in dealings with the Pension Fund CEO in the middle of an unacceptable backlog created by the lack of managerial skills of the CEO himself."

When might clarification be forthcoming from DM on the leaked memo from HR to the CEO and the real status of the revised MOU?

CCISUA's recommendations to the SG: Recall also attached letter from the CCISUA President to the Secretary-General dated 13 June 2016 in which he recommends the following actions:

"• that you, as the CEO’s direct employer, terminate his appointment and replace him with someone able to solve the crisis and operate transparently;
• that newly retired staff be paid compensation for the hardship they have been through, and interest paid for delays; and,
• that OIOS be strongly encouraged to audit the provision of data on the payment backlog."


"From: Barbara Tavora-Jainchill
Date: June 15, 2016 at 8:09:33 PM EDT
Subject: Pension Fund and other issues

Dear all,

I would like to update you on some issues, starting with the Pension Fund.

A few weeks ago you received the broadcast below, having a memo from the ASG/ORHM with a 2015 date as attachment. The information we had was that the date was wrong, that the memo was signed actually a few days before the broadcast, but were awaiting confirmation. Today we can say for sure that the memo is actually dated May 2016, not 2015. So our Administration was in dealings with the Pension Fund CEO in the middle of an unacceptable backlog created by the lack of managerial skills of the CEO himself.

Also in this regard, two days ago a letter was sent to the SG, on behalf of all UN staff unions, questioning the information posted by the Administration on iSeek where the Pension Fund claims a 97% reduction of its payment backlog; the content can be found at

Once again we ask that you sign the petition supporting the replacement of the CEO. The link is

Flexible Workplace - By now all of us have seen the happy faces of our colleagues who are delighted with the new flexible workplace facilities. While your Union always appreciate to see happy colleagues, we wonder when iSeek is going to publish the not so happy faces of those colleagues who work at the same spaces and hate those arrangements. We hope that this will happen soon, because many among us are beginning to consider the possibility that iSeek maybe is being used as a propaganda tool and we certainly hope this is not the case.

New Secretary-General - Our colleagues from the Field Staff Union created a poll with the current candidates for the post. It is not at all meant to be serious or scientific, there is even a repeated photo of a candidate, but the possibility of knowing what we think is, in our view, interesting. If you feel the same way please take part. The link is


From: Barbara Tavora-Jainchill/NY/UNO
Date: 05/26/2016 04:31AM
Subject: Pension Fund - the backlog continues; does the Administration really care?

(See attached file: pension fund hr.pdf)

Dear colleagues,

A few months ago we were pleasantly surprised to read an announcement on iSeek which gave us the impression that our Administration was finally going to hold the Pension Fund's CEO accountable. The backlog in the payment of pensions is immense, affecting not only staff members in New York but all over the world, in particular the benefits related to locally hired staff members in peacekeeping and political missions who take many years to be paid.

Recently another announcement on iSeek created doubt about the will of the Administration to enforce those Q gates regarding the backlog, since there was mention of unexpected new benefit requests and we were left with the impression that an excuse not to fulfill the Q gates requirement was born. But also recently our retirees met in New York and they were addressed by the Secretary-General himself, which, again, gave us hope that the exercise was serious.

Well, not really. While making announcements on iSeek so to reassure us, the Administration has given very strong HR powers to the CEO. I received the attached document anonymously and it makes it clear that we now have two types of staff members: those in the GS and related categories who have to pass very difficult exams to become a P and those who don't have to; those Ps who have strict mobility requirements and those who don't; those staff members who will retire at a mandatory age and those who won't. And all of the above according to the will of the Pension Fund CEO.

Let me make it very clear. The Pension Fund staff members are extremely hardworking colleagues who, since the Q gates were established, have been working night and day to set things right. We have the utmost respect and admiration for their dedication and are grateful for the support they provide whenever we forward them desperate cases of delayed pensions. However, we would not be in this unacceptable situation was it not for the fact that the Pension Fund CEO was unable to fulfill his basic duties to begin with, exactly because he was so concerned in getting additional powers. And the Administration, instead of holding him accountable, has now given to the CEO all the power he always sought regarding HR.

I therefore ask you one more time to sign our petition (link below). The CEO does not deserve to keep his job. As for the Administration, well, I think you got the picture."

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