Sunday, September 4, 2016

UN Pension Fund - New member service, 5 September 2016

UN Pension Blog received this message yesterday in an email from a retired UN colleague:

UNJSPF Member Self Service

I have been complaining for more than 18 years that the Pension Fund website did not allow participants and beneficiaries access to see their gross pension amount as well as ASHI (After Service Health Insurance) deductions, etc. As of a  few days ago, the UNJSPF now offers this service. 

In order to access the service, one logs on to the UNJSPF site, click on 'Beneficiary' or 'Participant' and click on 'Member Self Service' on the top left side of the screen. One must get a new number (as per instructions) and log on! 

There are a couple things on the web page that should be changed, in my view.  We are not 'members'. There is no such category in the Fund's Rules and Regulations.  Perhaps member organizations and Member States are 'members', but not individuals. 

Also, the Pension Fund was created for the United Nations. So the United Nations should appear first, perhaps in the order that participants were admitted to the Fund.

Please go to the site and write something, if you wish, congratulating the staff who made this happen, for providing a service that has been missing for many years. Let's show that we're not always complainers. 

Sugiyama Iutaka 

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