Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dear Chairman of the Pension Board: response from UN participant representatives, 13 July 2017

Subject: Re: Message from UN participant representatives to the Pension Fund / Message des représentants des participants de l'ONU au Fonds de Pension

Dear Chair,
Thank you very much for your message, which we have read with great care.

Allow us to start by reiterating our thanks to those who voted for us and we look forward to taking part in this year’s meeting of the Board. 

We are pleased to inform you that we take our responsibilities seriously, including the expectation from our constituents to hold the Fund’s fiduciaries accountable for their performance.
To this end, we are heartened by your point that:

“Usually the participant’s representatives gather suggestions/comments from their constituency (participants/staff members) of their employing organizations and bring these issues to the attention of the respective SPC, who decides which of these issues to be brought to the Board.  You may wish to review past Board reports in order to get an idea of issues addressed by the Board in the past and decisions that have been made. They are available through the Fund’s portal for Board documents.”

We can confirm that we have engaged in and will continue to engage in a dialogue with staff to gather issues that we will bring to the attention of the SPC and the Board. That is indeed our duty as participant representatives. In this context you will be pleased to learn that our email generated a large number of replies. 

We have also reviewed past Board reports to get an idea of issues addressed by the Board. Further, as per your suggestion, we accessed these documents through the Fund’s portal for Board documents.
We look forward to seeing you in Vienna and to working with our colleagues in the UNSPC, in the participants’ group and in the wider Board. 

As you will no doubt agree, there are many important issues at stake!

Yours sincerely,

Mary Abu Rakabeh
Ibrahima Faye
Ndeye Aissatou Ndiaye
Bernadette Nyiratunga
Ian Richards
Michelle Rockcliffe

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