Friday, February 26, 2016

Broadcast from UN Staff Union President: Status Quo is Unbearable, Sign the Petition to Terminate the Contract of Mr. Arvizu! February 26, 2016

From:        Barbara Tavora-Jainchill/NY/UNO 
Date:        26/02/2016 03:46 PM 
Subject:        Pension Fund  - update and PETITION 

Dear colleagues, 

Exactly one week ago I shared with you a letter sent by the President of CCISUA, our Federation, whom, together with the Presidents of FICSA and UNISERV, brought to the attention of the Pension Board members and the Heads of the participating organizations, including the Secretary-General, the seriousness of the delays of the Pension Fund in paying benefits to recent retirees and survivors. Today the Chairman of the Pension Board responded to the letter in question (both attached) and we couldn't be more disappointed. Excuses after excuses after excuses which make no sense and in our view are not accurate. 

It seems that the Chairman never consulted the other members of the Board representing participants before he wrote this letter; had he done so, he would be informed of delays lasting years, not months; of desperate retirees and survivors who depleted their savings and are yet to receive one cent of what they are owed. The fundamental function of the Pension Fund's CEO is to pay pensions to retirees and survivors; the current CEO seems unable to perform the main duty of his job. 

Since "status quo" is unbearable, our Federation CCISUA decided to follow a more drastic, but necessary, route. Therefore I urge you to please sign a petition which aims to: 

- Terminate the contract of Mr. Sergio Arvizu, Pension Fund's CEO; 

- Push for an urgent meeting of the Pension Fund's Board to resolve the crisis; 

- Start the search for a new. competent CEO, and; 

- Pay interest on late pension payments. 

The petition can be found at: 




Letter from Chairman of the Pension Board:

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