Friday, February 26, 2016

UN Staff Unions Petition: Enough with mismanagement and denial! The UN Pension Fund needs a New CEO! February 26, 2016

It’s been clear for some time and even clearer now -- the UN Pension Fund needs a new CEO. Our UN Staff Unions (CCISUA and FICSA, and UNISERV is expected to get on board) have taken extraordinary action in the face of chronic mismanagement in the UN Pension Fund that threatens the health of our 67 year old Fund, by following up on their February 18, 2016 letter, and today addressing a petition to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to replace the Fund CEO Sergio Arvizu (see link below and previous blog post).

The Petition cites clear evidence of CEO mismanagement:   the rush to switch off the former IT system without checking that the new IPAS system was up and running; ignoring repeated calls from Pension Fund staff and their Union representatives for more staff and resources, while he engaged in futile attempts to gain more autonomy for the Fund (blocked by Staff Union and retiree efforts); diverting needed energy for his management duties to lobby against calls by the UN staff unions for an OIOS investigation into allegations of mismanagement.

Instead of corrective action to address gross inefficiencies in the Fund, including protracted delays in processing pension payments, the Petition states, Arvizu has consistently denied responsibility and publicly blamed the Pension Fund staff. Compounding the problem, the Chair of the Pension Board has declined calls to hold an extraordinary meeting to resolve the issues.

As summed up in the petition: “It is now clear that the CEO is not the right person to solve the problems at the pension fund, nor provide inspired leadership to his staff. The fund needs a new CEO."

Let's show our concerted support for this effort by signing the petition and sharing it as widely as possible:


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