Thursday, June 25, 2015

Message to FICSA President: Petition contains no allegations of breaches by the CEO (20.5.15)

Response to the FICSA President: Petition to keep our pension in the UN and out of hedge funds

20 May 2015 

Dear Mr. El-Tabari,

We refer to your  letter to 'Dear Colleagues' on the subject of 'Petition to keep our pension in the UN and out of hedge funds' dated today, 20 May 2015, and posted on the AFICS/NY website.

We invite you to read again the petition to which you refer (link below). You will notice that it includes no mention whatsoever of "breaches" by the Pension Fund CEO.  

Your own letter calls attention to "allegations of breaches by the CEO" which you note "might have grounds", including "breaches in promotion or in favouritism" and "allegations of misuse of funds." 

The petition launched on 8 May 2015 made no mention of such matters,  choosing to focus instead on the substance of the proposed changes to the operations of the UNJSPF.

Given that you note the principle of "people are honest unless proven otherwise", why repeat allegations against the Pension Fund CEO, particularly when you attribute them to a source (the petition) which contains no mention of such allegations?

Mr. Jerry Barton's (ARICSA) letter to which you link in your letter also contains several similar errors. We are therefore copying him on this communication.  

It's regrettable that you and Mr. Barton have promulgated letters with such obvious errors of fact in the midst of a debate that is already rife with inaccuracies, unwitting or otherwise. 

With best regards.
Loraine Rickard-Martin
Lowell Flanders
Julie Thompson
AFICS/NY members
"Concerned citizens" and supporters of the petition

c.c. Mr. Jerry Barton, President, ARICSA

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