Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AFICS: Decoy or "critical practical constraints" - request for meeting on Pension Fund matters (1 July 2015)

You will recall the  commitment made by the AFICS leadership at our meeting with the President and some Governing Board members on 17 June 2015 (see our Notes below). Subsequently, in her 23 June 2015 letter, the President noted that the Board was not convinced of the need for a meeting.

We replied on 24 June 2015 reaffirming our own view that despite the leadership's doubts, such a meeting is urgently needed to allow AFICS members an opportunity to voice their concerns and to ensure alignment between our views and the position the AFICS leadership intends to take to the Pension Board meeting scheduled for the week of 20 July 2015. 

Here for our review is a list of the "critical practical constraints" cited by the AFICS President in her 25 June 2015 response: 

Possible legal issues regarding logistics and timing
Difficulties consulting on substance (Governing Board members abroad or out of town;
approaching weekend)

Internet definition of 'decoy': "A bird or mammal, or imitation of one, used to lure (a person or animal) away from an intended course."

We heard yesterday from a reliable source that the new MOU still contains the "key worrying element" that the AFICS leadership assured us in our 17 June 2015 meeting had been removed from the draft. 

How long will it take the AFICS President to address the "critical practical constraints" to convening an extraordinary meeting? For the meeting to be held before the Pension Board meeting in July, the clock is ticking on the 14-day advance notice to AFICS members mandated by the by-laws. .  .

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