Saturday, July 18, 2015

Request to AFICS: please post our letters and the FICSA President's letter (18 July 2015)

18 July 2015

Letter to AFICS/NY President and Governing Board

Dear AFICS/NY President and Governing Board,

We, the undersigned AFICS members, are writing to request that you post soonest on the AFICS website letters addressed to you by Curling Smith, Lowell Flanders, and Loraine Rickard-Martin, dated 12 and 24 June 2015, and 7 July 2015,  in connection with your communications of 23 and 25 June, and 2 and 9 July 2015, posted on the website, concerning a request under the AFICS By-laws for a meeting to be convened on pension matters.

We are requesting this action in the interest of fairness, transparency, and accountability to AFICS members on this important issue. 

We also request for the same reasons that you post the letter of the FICSA President dated 29 June 2015, calling for no new MOU and strict limits on investments in hedge funds (attached).

Kindly post this present letter as well.  

Thank you in advance for your prompt action on this matter.


Curling Smith, Lowell Flanders, Loraine Rickard-Martin, Anna Theofilopoulou, Mary Eliza Kimball, Sugiyama Iutaka, Julie Thompson, Somendu Banerjee, Lars Hyttinen, Lina Hamadeh, Ajit Banerjee, Joan Seymour, Judith Brister, Mercedes Hinton, Angelica Malic, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr,  Sarah L. Timpson,  Daniel Tuohy, Deolinda Leitao-Greene, Negla Chawky, Renee Richter,  Diane Barkley, Cheryl Larsen, Ozdinich Mustafa, Graciela Hall, Mampela Mpela, Ying-ying Tang, Roberta Brangam, Esther Gomez-Baumgarten, Maria D. Maldonado, Roger Guarda, Donald Heisel, Rosemary Noona, Donald Rogers, Lucine Tegnazian, Edna Osbourne,  Shahid Husain, Kristen Timothy Lankester, Aiden Ricardo Kinch, Josephine Hyttinen, Barbara Berllinghof, Carl Jordan, Puran C. Sharma, Michele Poliacof, Geoffrey Baldwin,  Lilia Vazquez, Cheryl Stoute, Michael Sarsar, Rosalba Butler, Bertrand Coppens, Leon Hosang, Joanna Piucci, Carolyn Uluc, Rosemarie Waters Pugh, Michael Smith, Nandasiri Jasentuliyana, Saleem Kassum, Siba Das, Nay Htun, Christopher Ronald, Elvira Ajero, Soknan Han Jung,  Dusan Dragic, Carol Joseph, Massimo D'Angelo, Nancy B. Lopez, Danielle Riviere, Yolette Chery, Mahadev Jalem, Salah Bourjini, Roy Morey, Joseph Van Arendonk, Zita Cistellini, Vivien Ponniah,  Nestor Marmanillo, Patricia Martung, Edward J. Freeman

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