Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pension matters: A call to recommit ourselves to our shared purpose (22 July 2015)

It is a sad truth that when we share a common purpose, yet lose sight of the whole, we forget where we are heading, and cause others, and ourselves, unnecessary pain. That is a pity for all involved --  and a pity for our shared cause. 

Regarding the controversy yesterday surrounding the draft resolution sent to the Pension Board, differences of views hinged more on form than on substance. 

There was a single –- although significant -- divergence between this draft and the revised compromise draft which four members of the working group, myself included, were about to submit to the group when the discussions broke down last month. This essential difference related to the amount of emphasis to accord to the four staff management exceptions in the draft MOU (see Lowell Flanders' explanation of our views, which does not need to be repeated here).

There is no need also to repeat here concerns about the format of submission of the draft resolution to the Pension Board, which some of us would not have supported had we been asked to do so, partly because of reservations about a draft resolution, never tabled, at a meeting that did not happen, but mainly because of important principles of transparency.    

Which brings me to this open invitation to all concerned.  May we please set our differences aside for the sake of a cause larger than ourselves. May we recall that any emphasis on our separateness from one another can only lead to alienation and strife.  May we recognize ourselves as part of an interrelated, interdependent whole and act accordingly.

Finally, may we recall that, in any situation, whether we survive, and even thrive, depends on our willingness to see other perspectives, collaborate and support one another. May we, today, recommit ourselves to our shared purpose. 

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